Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Friesans on acid, funky sheep and a very unusual postbox.

Last Friday, we had a short visit to Upper Booth Farm, in Hope Valley in the Peak District, to learn more about raising rare breeds.


I knew that the bureaucracy for farmers was bonkers, but what I was hearing was even worse than I expected. On top of which, this particular farm gets their water from a borehole, the pipe from which had become blocked, and they were desperately trying to get the water flowing again before the arrival of a large party of campers.  It was extremely decent of them not to cancel our visit - I'm sure they could have done without having to show us around.

I was delighted to find that they had a herd of Belted Galloways - quite rare in this country, more common in the U.S., from what I can gather.  I remember my first beltie, spotted as I was driving down the A30 to Cornwall. I did that route a few times before realising that the herd actually wasn't Friesans with rather straight spots! Belties are uniquely suited to the foothills of peaks, as they're light of foot, so don't churn up the soil. One of the things that makes their meat so good is that they are very placid. Nothing like a chilled out cow on your plate.....

The cloud was very low on Friday, so you couldn't see much further than the end of your nose, which was a pity, as this farm is just below Kinder Scout and the views are fabulous.

Their main breed of sheep is Swaledales, although they also have Blue-faced Leicesters and Texels amongs their tups. Here are the tups, waiting patiently for their day to come (as it were.....)

And, a complete aside, but a virtual prize to anyone who can spot what is unusual about this postbox, built into the wall of this farm:


  1. Queen Elizabeth the 7th?!

    Sounds like a fun day out - I too love Belted Galloways, and Swaledales.

  2. I've seen them in the central valley (CA) I think, but I don't remember them being so furry.

  3. Furry British Postboxes in California?
    It's Edward the 7th! We have both Belties & Swaledales here in Malhamdale... Good to see someone interested in the fine arts of butchery & Charcuterie.