Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Why foodboog?

Simples. The result of a typing error on a Facebook post that had meandered onto whether or not I was going to write a blog (I wasn't), but we all quite liked it. When I looked it up, courtesy of Google translate, I discovered that 'boog' meant 'arc' or 'vault' in Dutch. I think this is quite appropriate, as I will be posting on food generally, i.e., the whole arc of the subject, and also on butchery and charcuterie specifically - and yes, meat could conceivably be cured in a vault. A bit tenuous, but I'm also sure I will find that 'boog' means 'book' in some language or other. Someone please tell me if it does.

Tomorrow is what I am trying not to regard as my first big test in the first few days of the first semester - a visit to an abattoir. This is all I'm going to write for now, as I need to spend the evening reading up on slaughterhouses before the visit, and in particular, to read a bit more about Temple Grandin and her work.

The morning commute to the School through the Welbeck Estate:

Me looking like something out of a 50's sitcom:


  1. Thank you for the blog! I think it will be so fun to see your progress. As for the abattoir, I hope it is small and humane. I did work for a big one in Colorado once, and it really, really shook me up. And I threw away my shoes.

  2. so pleased you are doing this - the boog, the course generally, shaking your life up... All power to you. Good luck at the abbatoir - I cant think it will be anything other than harrowing. K x